Benefits of CORIS

Beyond simply providing infusion management services, we partner with you to achieve your healthcare goals. We understand the weight of the responsibility to nurture and heal your patients, the stress of balancing financial growth with your personal life, and the excitement you feel in the face of new medical advancements. Let Healix® tackle all of the elements that keep you from focusing on what really matters. Let Healix help you Practice Simplicity®.

Clinical studies have proven that the physician Office Infusion Center (OIC) is a safe, effective treatment setting. What’s more, studies have concluded that the OIC allows considerable cost savings and can reduce the time needed for healing. The center provides comfort and convenience for patients: they see the same clinical staff at each appointment, can be released for self-administration at home, and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. Expanding your practice with an OIC brings significant benefits for you, too. The center gives you full control over treatments, reduces your clinical and financial risks, and creates an entirely new revenue stream for your practice.

Although the OIC comes with great benefits, it also comes with great challenges and requires time and expertise. Many medical practices running an infusion clinic on their own stumble across hidden complexities. The practices experience management issues, drug and supply complications, and financial loss. There are quality control concerns, staffing complications, and billing problems with associated cash flow delays.

Healix has 28 years of experience running successful infusion centers. By managing your OIC through our CORIS solutions, we eliminate the barriers so that you and your patients gain the benefits of in-office infusion therapy with none of the headaches. See how Healix has improved patient care for some of your colleagues

Benefits for the Patient

  • Greater potential for optimal outcomes
  • Reduced clinical risk
  • Closer relationship with you and your staff
  • Confidence, comfort, and convenience
  • Improved compliance
  • Superior satisfaction of infusion therapy services
  • Office infusion staff on call 24/7

Benefits for the Physician

Patient Care

  • Greater control of treatment process
  • Better monitoring of patient progress
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Closer relationship and rapport with patients
  • Outcomes-oriented care
  • Superior service delivery

Time Efficiency

  • Administer infusions while you see other patients
  • Eliminate non-billable time devoted to infusion patient management
  • Infusion center staff coordinate patient care and after-hour calls

Risk Reduction

  • Decreased clinical risk—patient care is under your direct supervision and control
  • Minimized financial risk—total management of in-office infusion
  • Reduced overall risk—unprecedented quality control by Healix® professionals and processes

Financial Advantages

  • Major new revenue stream
  • Increase net income of the practice by up to 150%
  • Strong cash flow and profitability