Our CORIS® Program

In 1995, we decided to create an infusion therapy program unlike any other. We studied the current infusion treatment options to learn how best to improve comfort and convenience. We reviewed each process step, each responsibility, and each possible area of inefficiency. More than anything, we designed a program with you and your patients in mind. What resulted was the development of our Core Infusion Services (CORIS®) solution. 

The Healix CORIS solution is simple, direct, and comprehensive. It enables our clients to provide infusion therapy treatments in the optimal physician setting.  In addition to meeting all state and federal regulations, every Healix-managed Office Infusion Center (OIC) is tailored to the needs of the practice and its patients and is built from three main models:


In the CORIS—Nursing model, your on-site staff includes an infusion specialist Registered Nurse (RN) who prepares and administers medications for therapy. The RN educates patients and caregivers on the treatment plan and performs numerous related duties. We recommend the CORIS—Nursing model when your patient volume is modest. This model is also a good fit when state regulations prevent an on-site pharmacy, which is central to our alternative model. CORIS—Nursing sites receive compounded sterile preparations shipped from the Healix Infusion Therapy Pharmacy located in Sugar Land, Texas.


In the CORIS—immunology model we work with your existing staff to provide subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) products including Cuvitru®, Gammagard®, Gamunex®-C, Hizentra®, and HyQvia® that are dispensed from our licensed Healix Pharmacy or from a Healix managed pharmacy licensed within your practice. Our team will work with your practice to determine if this program can be viably integrated with the current SCIg patient roster.


The CORIS—Pharmacy model includes a pharmacy built within your OIC.  The on-site team consists of a Registered Pharmacist (RPh) in addition to an infusion specialist RN. The pharmacist compounds, dispenses, and monitors medications for patient use at home or on-site. The RN administers medications and educates patients and caregivers about the treatment plan.  The CORIS—Pharmacy solution is appropriate for a moderate-to-high patient volume in states where an on-site pharmacy is allowed.

For every Healix-managed CORIS center, our expansive team works behind the scenes to proactively manage all facets of daily and long-term operations, with a focus on making your infusion center run as smoothly and profitably as possible.

OIC Management

  • CORIS infusion center set-up planning and implementation
  • Staff recruitment and training for your infusion center
  • On-going supply chain management for drug purchasing and inventory
  • Billing, collections, and financial reporting
  • Patient insurance pre-certification, verification, and predetermination
  • Clinical documentation assurance
  • Comprehensive review of all managed care contracts
  • Active participation in contract renewal negotiations, fee schedule management, and assurance of appropriate payment by payers
  • Compliance to OSHA guidelines, HIPAA-compliant data management, and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) <797> guidelines
  • Risk management
  • Continuous quality assurance audits
  • Continuing education for employees
  • Human Resources management
  • Clinical support hotline and 24/7 staff backup based on individual site needs