Solutions By Specialty

Healix® offers specialty solutions in immunology, infectious disease, gastroenterology, neurology, and rheumatology. Explore the benefits of each of our specialty service offerings:

Immunology Solutions

Healix provides allergy/immunology practices a full continuum of care for subcutaneous immune globulin (SCIg) patients. Learn about this program's clinical and business services created to help in-source patient care and related billing for patients

Infectious Disease Solutions

Healix offers management solutions for infectious disease practices interested in establishing an Office Infusion Center (OIC) or outsourcing the management of an already existing operation. Discover how Healix focuses on helping you take better care of your patients. 

Infectious Disease Solutions - Hospital Benefits

Discharging hospitalized patients with severe infections that require IV antibiotics into an infectious disease-supervised outpatient infusion center has been proven to benefit both hospitals and patients alike. See how Healix provides a way for hospitals to capitalize on these advantages by partnering with affiliated physician groups. 

Gastroenterology Solutions

Learn how we can support your practice through comprehensive solutions that help enhance your work flow efficiency, improve payer performance, and increase practice revenue. Healix offers gastroenterologists custom solutions for those who want to establish an OIC or are looking to outsource the management of a current operation. 

Neurology Solutions

Healix offers simplified, custom solutions for neurologists who want to establish an OIC or are looking to improve a present operation. Discover how Healix helps practices build and equip an infusion center, manage the entire operation, and provide infusible medications at highly competitive pricing.

Rheumatology Solutions

Learn how physicians can take better care of their patients by improving continuity of care and clinical outcomes, while offering an affordable alternative to inpatient parenteral treatment. Healix provides solutions for rheumatologists to establish an OIC or to improve an existing operation. 

Multi-Specialty Solutions

Healix offers management solutions for multi-specialty practices to establish or significantly expand an existing infusion operation. Physicians choose Healix because we enable them to focus on what matters most - providing optimal clinical care to their patients and removing the stress of financial and operational management.