Gastroenterology Solutions

Healix offers management solutions for gastroenterology practices to establish an Office Infusion Center (OIC) or significantly expand an existing operation.

Capture new revenue within your practice while providing higher patient compliance and satisfaction than other sites of care. Since 1989, Healix has helped establish and manage hundreds of infusion centers nationwide. We use our clinical and business expertise to provide integrated solutions to improve all aspects of your OIC.

Patient Benefits:

Healix focuses on helping you take better care of your patients by improving continuity of care, comfort, and clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

Each patient is treated under your direct supervision and supported by an integrated clinical team of infusion nurses and pharmacists who coordinate patient care, educate patients, prepare and administer infusions, and monitor laboratory results.

We assist in providing services to more than 5,000 patients receiving biologic therapies through Healix-managed infusion centers nationwide. Physicians choose Healix because we enable them to focus on what matters most - providing optimal clinical care to their patients and removing the stress of financial and operational management.

Therapies Offered:

Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis

  • Remicade® and Biosimilars
  • Entyvio®
  • Cimzia®
  • Stelara®

Prevention of C. Difficile Infections

  • Zinplava®

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Iron Complexes for Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Comprehensive Services Overview

Superior Clinical Care

Operational Excellence

Managed Care Expertise

Revenue Cycle Management

Superior Clinical Care

  • Clinical & Pharmacy Services Patients are under your direct care and supported by a clinical team of Registered Nurses and Registered Pharmacists to coordinate patient care, educate patients, prepare and administer infusions, and monitor laboratory results, drug utilization and interactions. Sterile compounded medications are provided by our state-of-the-art compounding pharmacies.
  • Training and Clinical Support Team Our clinical support team provides your nurses and pharmacists with extensive training, including online training via Healix University and in-person, on-site training.
  • Central Call Center Experienced infusion nurses and pharmacists are available 24/7 and are on-call for your patients during after-hours and holidays.
  • Clinical Research Partnering with our physician clients, we have engaged in more than 25 clinical outcomes research studies that have been published and presented at national conferences.

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Operational Excellence

  • Staffing and Recruiting We recruit, hire, and train all OIC staff on your behalf, identifying and maintaining licensed, trained, and experienced clinicians.
  • Supply Chain Management Healix procures all drugs, supplies, and equipment for the OIC, which are not paid for by the practice until OIC collections are realized.
  • Division Manager A dedicated business specialist will oversee the financial and operational progress of your OIC in conjunction with the clinical team. This Healix liaison will report financial data and key performance indicators to the physician group.
  • Nursing Support We manage data entry for patient referrals, drug and supply orders, and coordination of care.

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Managed Care Expertise

  • Payor Contract Negotiation Healix reviews new and existing contracts for our clients. We have successfully assisted practices in negotiating hundreds of contracts for professional and infusion services with positive results.
  • Recovery of Funds Through continual data mining and comparative analyses, we confirm insurance companies are paying at contracted rates and recover funds if underpayment has occurred.

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Revenue Cycle Management

  • Verification of Benefits Healix performs comprehensive verification of benefits, payor criteria compliance, and profitability assurance analysis.
  • Billing Strategies Our system protocols ensure that every patient’s treatment is reviewed for optimal reimbursement.
  • Billing and Reimbursement We ensure 100% charge capture and associated reimbursement for every aspect of the infusion service.
  • Technology Enhancement The Healix app and online client portal allow access to financial data, roster

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