Infectious Disease Solutions: Hospital Benefits

How are infectious disease doctors integrated with your system?

Discharging hospitalized patients with severe infections that require IV antibiotics into an infectious disease-supervised outpatient infusion center has been proven to benefit both hospitals and patients alike.

Healix® provides a way for hospitals like yours to capitalize on these advantages by partnering with affiliated physician groups. Through accelerated treatment and discharge into your physician-managed outpatient infusion center, you can help reduce risk, avoid penalties associated with never events, and optimize Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) reimbursement.

Properly managed infusion centers provide improved patient care, patient satisfaction, and positive clinical outcomes through reduced length of stay and re-hospitalization avoidance.

Partnering with a Healix-managed infusion center may allow you to achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes while retaining patients within your system.

Re-Hospitalization and Never Event Avoidance

Many hospitals are establishing separate units in the emergency room to transition patients with moderate infections directly to practice-based infusion centers. Additionally, post-surgical patients with infections can be treated in an outpatient setting as a result of direct referral from community physicians, avoiding patient re-hospitalization and hospital never event penalties.

Patient Retention

The ability to continue outpatient antibiotic care with the same employed or credentialed hospital infectious disease practitioners has multiple benefits. For example, patients remain in the hospital system, which sidesteps third party care providers and further aids in the continuity and quality of care throughout the entire course of therapy. This service capability within your affiliated infectious disease physician group allows you to provide ongoing care for patients with both acute and chronic parenteral needs in your hospital system.

DRG Efficiency

Optimize DRG reimbursement through expedited discharge and enhanced efficiency of care for patients by utilizing an infusion center as a resource for your hospital. The infusion center will provide additional access to care and function as a step down unit for insured or low resource patients. It will also assume complete care for patients under a reimbursement agreement with the hospital that is much less costly than other in-patient alternatives.

Significant Benefits to the Hospital Include:

  • Expedited discharge of high acuity diseases (endocarditis, pneumonia, and bacteremia) compared to Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) or home infusion1
  • Improved clinical outcomes
    • Low recurrence and readmission rates2
    • Low Clostridium difficile rates3
    • Low catheter infection rates
    • Documented high cure rates
  • Efficient patient enrollment
    • Scheduled at patient’s convenience
    • Outcome-oriented quality patient care

Are you interested in establishing an Office Infusion Center (OIC) for your infectious disease practice? Healix offers infectious disease solutions for those who are interested in creating an OIC or outsourcing the management of a pre-existing operation. Learn more about Healix Infectious Disease Solutions.

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