Clinical Services

Many infusion centers only extend in-office treatment to Medicare patients, but Healix adds the ability to treat commercial patients as well. Providing take-home medications reduces the frequency of in-office visits and allows for a more manageable work load, despite a greater patient census.

Each patient in your Office Infusion Center (OIC) will be under your direct care and supported by an integrated clinical team of an infusion specialist Registered Nurse and a Registered Pharmacist. This dedicated team will coordinate patient care, educate patients, admix and administer infusions, and monitor laboratory results, drug utilization and interaction. You have the option of ordering medications from our licensed, regulatory-compliant Healix Infusion Therapy Pharmacy, or we can assist you in creating an on-site pharmacy within your office. Learn more about the CORIS program models.

Your patients will have the comfort of knowing they are being cared for by a knowledgeable and consistent team of infusion therapy service professionals that is always available to answer their therapy-related questions and concerns.