Healix® University

At Healix, we employ experienced, dedicated IV infusion therapy nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians across the United States in our physician-based Office Infusion Centers (OIC).  

Healix University Overview:

  • Candidate Assessment
    • Pre-interview online assessment of basic nursing skills
  • Initial orientation and training
    • 40+ hours of training via Healix University Online
    • 40+ hours of on-site training at the state-of-the-art Healix Corporate Nurse Training Center
    • Additional one to three weeks of on-location training with a preceptor at the OIC (as needed)
  • Continuing education courses


As part of our recruitment process, all Registered Nurse (RN) candidates must pass a screening assessment that covers basic nursing skills with a focus on infusion therapy.  This assessment is conducted through Healix University, our robust online educational platform that utilizes presentations, audio and visual elements, and university-style testing.  If a candidate passes the assessment, they proceed through the interview process.  


Once hired, Healix RNs commence their training online with 40+ hours of educational instruction in Healix University. Course modules consist of a clinical skills review including advanced infusion devices and medication related courses, an overview of Healix OIC software systems, and general information about OIC standard operating procedures. Additionally, modules include training in a number of core competencies specific to infusion therapy.

Healix University training components include:


  • Infusion standards and best practices
  • Catheter management and compliance
  • Referral business management into an OIC
  • Inventory management
  • OIC management and coordination with patient and practice
  • Emergency management
  • Legal compliance
  • Drug and disease management
  • Medication preparation and compliance with USP 797 guidelines


  • Ambulatory specific specialty training
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Clinical training of multiple drug and disease specific modules, including infectious diseases, nutrition, oncology, and immunology
  • Laboratory monitoring and dosage adjustments
  • Drug interaction identification and prevention
  • Pharmacy operations and workflow management
  • Drug stability
  • Patient counseling
  • Environmental quality control
  • Legal/Regulatory compliance

In addition to online training in Healix University, new hires complete 40+ hours of on-site training at the state-of-the-art Healix Corporate Nurse Training Center in Sugar Land, Texas. Trainees are provided the opportunity to learn in a full-scale mock infusion center and classroom where they practice various clinical elements, drug ordering, inventory management, patient scheduling, and electronic medical record (EMR) charting to be fully competent and confident when placed at a Healix-managed OIC.


Healix supports its nursing staff in achieving the Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion (CRNI®) certification, the only nationally-recognized and accredited certification in infusion nursing which is awarded by the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation.  We support CRNI certification by providing CRNI prep courses, study materials, and conference call study sessions. With this certification, our clinical staff is prepared for the newest advances, technologies, and techniques within the infusion nursing specialty. 

Additionally, in order for our clinical staff members to be trained and qualified on the most current clinical standards and policies, Healix provides monthly conference calls to review new procedures or requirements to properly operate an OIC.