Healix App

In addition to the comprehensive planning and infusion center management services offered through the Healix CORIS® program, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology tools to further simplify infusion therapy.

The Healix® App is offered exclusively to Healix clients and provides essential business process and financial tools when they are needed most, allowing you to access critical managed care, patient, and financial data remotely to improve your Office Infusion Center (OIC) efficiency and profitability.


Custom managed care formulary data based on your contract with third party payors.


A clinical snapshot of patient chart information, course of therapy, insurance approval status, and more.


Real-time financial performance data to track Office Infusion Center results.

Once downloaded, the Healix App is registered and customized to each client’s infusion center to display the site’s confidential data. The Healix App is available on iTunes® for download. 

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