Pharmacy Training and Competency

The Healix Infusion Therapy, LLC pharmacy is staffed with experienced and highly-trained pharmacists and technicians committed to the management of ambulatory care of patients and provision of sterile products. Extensive training is provided through Healix University, our specialized program that includes online, classroom, and hands-on education and testing.  We have dedicated pharmacists and technician trainers in a training facility with an attached clean room used strictly for educational purposes. 

Initial training includes completion of multiple competencies and skills assessments.  These continue throughout the year, with annual re-assessment of competencies and skills.  Specific training is conducted with all personnel that perform and supervise compounding of sterile products to meet or exceed all USP guidelines and state and federal regulations. This strict training and evaluation includes garbing, cleaning and all types of compounding.  Media fill validations are performed semi-annually at a minimum that simulate the most challenging and complex compounding situations.  Fingertip testing is assessed routinely and consistently on all compounding staff.

Other clinical areas of training for pharmacists include:

  • Ambulatory specific specialty training
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Clinical training of multiple drug and disease specific modules, including infectious diseases, nutrition, oncology, and immunology
  • Laboratory monitoring and dosage adjustments
  • Drug interaction identification and prevention
  • Pharmacy operations and workflow management
  • Drug stability
  • Patient counseling
  • Environmental quality control
  • Legal/regulatory compliance