Working with Healix

Working with the Healix Infusion Therapy, LLC  pharmacy provides physician and hospital markets with expert clinical pharmacy services and safe and reliable medications.  With 30 years of sterile compounding experience, our pharmacy provides traditional patient-specific pharmacy compounding nationwide. Let us partner with you to provide the support required for excellence in patient care.

Service Highlights:

  • Clinical pharmacy services, including medication therapy management, consultations and monitoring
  • Wide range of therapy offerings to schedule, fill, and dispense prescriptions
  • Proprietary scheduling and coordination software integrated with your drug ordering system
  • Drug inventory ordering system
  • Verification and reimbursement support

Getting Started

Working with Healix is easy. Contact your Healix Representative today at 1.866.654.2451 to learn more about how we can help you meet your sterile compounding needs. Our Customer Care Representative will assist you to initiate your services and provide you with all of the information necessary to begin ordering.