Pharmaceutical Strategy Development

With 29 years of experience in targeted physician market access, Healix® can assist you in understanding the dynamic needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Our unique position opens valuable channel communication between you and physician providers, enabling you to drive critical market share and securing your intravenous and injectable product success.

From strategic supply chain design and data analysis to on-going support services, we can assist you with each step of the pharmaceutical launch and utilization process. You have spent endless time and money investing in your new product. Now, let us help you identify a competitive market plan.

Market Access and Supply Chain Design

Carefully planning the distribution of your drug across all applicable access points is essential in the success of your launch in the outpatient or ambulatory infusion sector. Whether you are promoting an anti-infective or a biotech drug, Healix® can collaborate with you to identify the most effective market access strategy and corresponding supply chain design. Traditional distribution can impede or prevent physician office or ambulatory infusion center access. Actively pursue higher market penetration outside of home infusion and specialty pharmacies.

In order to ensure patients have access to your medication in an ambulatory infusion center, Healix can provide a plan to achieve the following:

  • Clinical efficacy in the outpatient setting
  • Stability after preparation in ambulatory infusion devices (elastomeric, bags, etc.)
  • Average Sale Price (ASP) cost metrics to ensure adequate cost coverage
  • J-Code unit of measure to avoid claim rejections and cost appeals
  • Distribution method to allow for portability between wholesale and distributor models
  • Exclusive/preferred formulary status for the product
  • Data services, including tracing reporting and portal services

Healix will help you address each critical item to prepare for a successful launch in the ambulatory infusion sector.

Data Analytics

Once a drug is in the market, your business and product development depend on relevant data to trace the use and reimbursement of the drug.  Traditional tracing reporting from a wholesales can limit your ability to effectively market your product and optimize its use.  Healix can gather and provide de-identified data including:

  • Dispensing
  • Diagnosis (ICD-10) codes
  • Administration method
  • Payer trends: drug co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance, as well as office visit co-pays and co-insurance
  • Recertification rates and prior authorization rates

Site Development

Your launch and market penetration program relies on centers of excellence to administer your drug. Creating awareness and the right infrastructure for these sites is essential, and Healix has the know-how and market savvy to perform the due diligence and feasibility analysis to assist with everything from site consulting and training to full turn-key site development.

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