Healix Announces Strategic Partnership with DoseMe for Precision Dosing


SUGAR LAND, TX (July 20, 2018) – Healix, the nation’s leader in physician office based infusion services, announced a strategic relationship with DoseMe, a precision dosing decision support platform specifically for clinical practice.

“We are really pleased to partner with DoseMe,” said Lucinda Van Anglen, B.S., PharmD, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Services, Healix. “With more than 120 Healix-managed infusion centers around the nation, a core element of our business is in the dispensing and monitoring of medications for use at home or in the infusion center. DoseMeRx’s individualized dosing software allows our clinicians to swiftly support clinical decisions in an accurate, digital manner that ensures an efficient and reproducible approach across all our sites. This has received great support from our physician clients.”

“The impact of DoseMeRx to infusion service providers has been eye-opening,” said Charles Cornish, Chief Executive Officer, DoseMe. “Drugs of narrow therapeutic range that require ongoing drug monitoring are notoriously difficult to dose. DoseMeRx really is the next-generation dose calculator, bringing confidence, rigor and operational efficiency to the complex world of dosing. Healix’s commitment to innovation and continually advancing their pharmacy and infusion operations, in this case with DoseMeRx, is a testament to their commitment to improving outcomes for their clients and patients.

“We’re so pleased to be selected by Healix to support their mission to streamline critical infusion center data to allow physicians to make informed decisions in real-time,” said Cornish.

About Healix, LLC

Healix is the nation’s leader in providing physician office based infusion center programs. For nearly 30 years, Healix has assisted physicians with unparalleled capabilities focused on patient care, comfort, compliance, and clinical outcomes in an outpatient setting. Visit www.healix.net for more information.

About DoseMe

DoseMe is the first company in the world to develop precision dosing software – DoseMeRx – developed specifically for clinical practice. DoseMeRx is a simple, yet powerful tool helping healthcare providers calculate the optimal dose of drugs monitored by therapeutic drug monitoring to streamline operations, reduce adverse drug events, decrease costs and improve patient outcomes. Visit www.doseme-rx.com for more information, follow us on Twitter @DoseMeApp, or like us on Facebook at DoseMe.

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Kelly Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, Healix, LLC, (281) 295-4110, [email protected]

Nicola Hunter, Marketing & Communications, DoseMe, (832) 358-3308, [email protected]

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Healix regularly and actively supports Phase II and Phase III clinical trials in each of our specialty areas, including active studies in therapies for COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis and Intestinal Bowel Disease.

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