Healix Launches New App to Boost Client Efficiency


SUGAR LAND, TX (January 1, 2011) – Healix announced the official launch of the iPhone® compatible Healix App, a tool for on-the-go physicians to track formulary options with payer reimbursement data, patient roster information, and clinic financial results. Eric P. Walker, MD, a private practice infectious disease physician based in Waco, Texas, comments that “having immediate access to real-time patient roster and approval statuses is extremely beneficial.” Dr. Walker notes, “The Healix App is both easy to navigate and is clinically relevant. I am able to stay informed on each patient regardless if I’m in the office or not.”

“Our goal is to streamline critical infusion center data so that physicians can make informed decisions almost instantaneously,” says Alan B. Chaveleh, President and CEO of Healix. “We’ve created an app that works as an extension of other clinic software and digital storehouses to decrease data look-up time and ultimately increase the efficiency of the site.”

Once downloaded, the Healix App is registered and customized to each user’s infusion clinic to display the site’s confidential data. The Healix App is available on iTunes® for download. For more information, please contact Healix at 1.866.654.2451 or marketing@healix.net.


Healix is the national leader in the delivery of parenteral services to medical facilities. The privately-held company is based in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers customizable, turn-key solutions to help healthcare providers offer streamlined infusion therapy and related care.

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Phase II and Phase III Studies

Healix regularly and actively supports Phase II and Phase III clinical trials in each of our specialty areas, including active studies in therapies for COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis and Intestinal Bowel Disease.

For information on partnering with Healix on a study, please contact us.