IDWeek 2020

Virtual Event

Healix is a proud exhibitor at IDWeekTM 2020! Uniquely focused in infectious disease (ID) and supporting over 300 ID physicians across the country, we are the nation’s leader in providing physician office-based infusion services. Focused on patient and physician peace of mind for 30 years, we offer unparalleled capabilities for optimal patient care, comfort, compliance, and clinical outcomes in an outpatient setting.

Visit the Healix virtual booth during this year’s conference and speak with a representative October 22 – 24, 2020, to learn how we can help infectious disease practices like yours to provide unparalleled infusion patient care.

From our long-standing involvement in the infectious disease community, Healix also coordinates and conducts collaborative clinical research in the provision of Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) since 2008. While attending the conference, please visit the following Healix poster presentations with presenter audio available beginning October 21 in the IDWeekTM ePoster Gallery:

#614: Long-Acting Lipoglycopeptides for the Treatment of Bone and Joint Infections and Bacteremia in Infectious Disease Outpatient Infusion Clinics

Brian S. Metzger, MD, MPH1, Richard C. Prokesch, MD, FACP, FIDSA2, Jorge R. Bernett, MD3, Richard M. Mandel, MD4, FIDSA, Ramesh V. Nathan, MD, FIDSA5, Kent J. Stock, DO6, Thomas C. Hardin, PharmD7, Claudia P. Schroeder, PharmD, PhD7, Lucinda J. Van Anglen, BS, PharmD7

1Austin Infectious Disease Consultants, Austin, TX; 2Infectious Disease Associates, Riverdale, GA; 3Infectious Disease Doctors Medical Group, Walnut Creek, CA; 4Southern Arizona Infectious Disease Specialists, Tucson, AZ; 5Mazur, Statner, Dutta, Nathan, PC, Thousand Oaks, CA; 6Low Country Infectious Disease, Summerville, SC; 7Healix Infusion Therapy, Sugar Land, TX

#787: Evaluation of Clostridioides difficile Environmental Contamination Surrounding C. difficile Patients and non-C. difficile Patients in Outpatient Infusion Centers

Kevin W. Garey, PharmD¹, Richard L. Hengel, MD2, Timothy E. Ritter, MD3, Ramesh V. Nathan, MD, FIDSA4, Claudia P. Schroeder, PharmD, PhD5, Gabriella Costa1, Chris Lancaster1, Engels N. Obi6, Lucinda J. Van Anglen, BS, PharmD5

1University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, TX; 2Atlanta ID Group, Atlanta, GA; 3GI Alliance, Southlake, TX; 4Mazur, Statner, Dutta, Nathan, PC, Thousand Oaks, CA; 5Healix Infusion Therapy, Sugar Land, TX; 6Merck & Co, Inc., Kenilworth, NJ

#1327: Vancomycin Dosing by AUC24/MIC in Comparison to Traditional Trough Dosing in Office Infusion Centers (OICs)

Quyen Luu, MD1, John S. Adams, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA2, Brian S. Metzger, MD, MPH3, Richard L. Hengel, MD4, Rishi Bhattacharyya, MD5, David N. Rhoads, PharmD6, Kimberly A. Couch, PharmD6; Claudia P. Schroeder, PharmD, PhD6; Lucinda J. Van Anglen, BS, PharmD6

1Central Georgia Infectious Diseases, Macon, GA; 2Knoxville Infectious Disease Consultants, PC, Knoxville, TN; 3Austin Infectious Disease Consultants, Austin, TX; 4Atlanta ID Group, Atlanta, GA; 5Infectious Disease Associates, Sarasota, FL; 6Healix Infusion Therapy, Sugar Land, TX

#1625: Real-World Outpatient Utilization of Ceftolozane/Tazobactam in Physician Office Infusion Centers (OICs)

Lucinda J. Van Anglen, BS, PharmD¹, Ramesh V. Nathan, MD, FIDSA², Brian S. Metzger, MD, MPH³, Quyen Luu, MD4, Claudia P. Schroeder, PharmD, PhD1

1Healix Infusion Therapy, Sugar Land, TX; 2Mazur, Statner, Dutta, Nathan, PC, Thousand Oaks, CA; 3Austin Infectious Disease Consultants, Austin, TX; 4Central Georgia Infectious Diseases, Macon, GA


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Phase II and Phase III Studies

Healix regularly and actively supports Phase II and Phase III clinical trials in each of our specialty areas, including active studies in therapies for COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis and Intestinal Bowel Disease.

For information on partnering with Healix on a study, please contact us.